Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If You Show, I'll Tell!

Hey, did you know that today is Show and Tell Appreciation Day?  It is, if you are a follower of the Eclectic Calendar...as, of course, all the coolest people are :-)  I'm afraid I don't have much to show you....let's see...well, here:  I will show you Handsome Lad's favorite way to train for his upcoming 5k -
Yeah, I would have to agree that reading about Steve Prefontaine is bound to improve your skills and your motivation :-)  We were over at Kick Back Dude's house and he borrowed that book.  KBD has been running since he was just a little guy.  He doesn't have as much time now to devote to it, but he is still very good.  Handsome Lad is getting into it and it is nice for the two of them to have a common interest.  This Saturday, they are supposed to do a fun run together...should be interesting. 

In other "sharing" news, I had a very quiet Sunday.  I swear, I barely moved off the couch.  It felt kind of good, but I do experience some guilt...well, not much.  Work has been so insane lately.  Being understaffed is seriously catching up with us.  Also, as much as I truly like my supervisor, she can be a bit ditzy with the scheduling and planning for things.  It can make each day a little challenging.  I am hoping that when our new person is finally on board, within the next few weeks, I can start to feel less crazed and less pulled in too many directions.  For now, I am just going to get through this week as productively as possible and look forward to the weekend.  DR is coming over Friday evening.  We are planning to go out to dinner and a movie (Alice in Wonderland).  A real little date night!  It should be a really nice weekend...so as they say, I am keeping my eyes on the prize :-)  

Anything you want to show and/or tell? 


Churlita said...

I'm sure you won't be surprised that I think it's great your boys run. It's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Your date night sounds wonderful.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Yeah A date night!.. Hvae fun.. I kinda forgot to check Tara's calender and besides I think I did show and tell with my post today..lol

MrManuel said...

I wish I had more time/enegy to devote to running.

Date night! Cool!

secret agent woman said...

Isn't blogging always a show and tell exercise?

I remember seeing a movie about Prefontaine.

FW said...

Have a great time on Friday, something to look forward to is always nice.

Tara said...

I didn't post this on my newest post, but I got a haircut on Sunday! Not too short, though. I like it! Oh and on Saturday I bought a green wig. Why? Just cuz - and also it's almost St. Patty's Day!

Tara said...

PS: Thank you so much for the Eclectic Calendar comment! I can tell my brother that my calender is what all the cool kids are doing. He'll be envious.

Let us know what you thought of "Alice in Wonderland"!

Sebastien said...

I want to show and tell my sniper rifle.

Glad you got a Sunday's rest. Muy importante. Hopefully you can get this new worker online quickly so that life won't be so stressful!

Running is an interesting passion. I liked running, but long distances weren't my thing. I did cross country my freshman year of HS and I was very displeased... very.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I can't remember enjoying any sporting event more than KBD's cross country and track meets when he was in high school.

I'm pretty excited about date night :-)

Mrs: Isn't it great having the calendar to go to when necessary? It has helped me innumerable times.

MrManuel: Are you a runner, too? Very cool.

Date night - woo!

Secret: I would agree :-)

There are a couple of movies out there...Prefontaine (1997) and Without Limits (1998) My youngest son is very into him right now.

FW: I adore having something to look foward to.

Tara: That is a good show and tell! I should probably get a haircut too. And definitely a green wig :-D

You know I love the Eclectic Calendar and your brother should be totally jealous!

I will let you know my thoughts on Alice in Wonderland (and Johnny Depp...sigh)

Sebatien: Your sniper rifle, your bowie knife, your trained assasin bear...all good for show and tell.

As I am so lazy, I need days off and more help at work. Now.

haha! I'm sorry cross country running displeased you...no one wants to see that! *shiver*