Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Listen. It Will Only Hurt for a Minute.

Here is Little Prince.  He'd been drinking water from a cup.  It is quite the ordeal :-)  I believe that he is preparing to put on some sunglasses.  Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Just wanted to do a quick post, as I am feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment...I know, what's new?  Anyway, bulletpoints instead of coherant thoughts work for you all, right?  Excellent.

  • I did have a nice quiet weekend.  DR was over on Saturday. He now has a job (yay!) that includes working every Sunday.  Unfortunately, that means we can only really get together every other weekend...the ones where I don't work Saturday.  I'm sure we'll get used to working around this new schedule and I'm extremely happy for him to have found a job.
  •  Due to the quiet weekend, I returned to week feeling refreshed and optimistic.  Lately, though, I have felt very stretched here.  Lots of desk hours, and this month there are so many programs going on.  It isn't like I am responsible for them all, but I am responsible for the fliers and posters to advertise them.  And several of them are actually fully my responsibility to plan and present.  I LOVE programming, but there is a LOT going on at the moment.
  •   We are also feeling a lot of pressure regarding preparations for the Summer Reading Program.  My old boss gives everyone the feeling that she doesn't quite trust my new boss to be on top of things.  I am in that situation again, where I have two people telling me their side of things and I just keep mentioning that they might want to have a little sit down and work all this stuff out.  I AM NOT THE ONE YOU NEED TO BE TELLING!
  • One work thing that has me excited, though, is tomorrow's program.  It is time for the Fire Fighters to come by again to read stories and show off their fire engines.  Fire Fighters.  *sigh*  Pictures to come :-)  Also tomorrow...Choose and Defend!  Make sure you come by and participate in whatever burning question is presented this week!
  • Fortunately, where I am not feeling any pressure is at home.  All quiet on the home front.  There have been no crisis to manage, the kids are doing what they should be doing, everyone who needs a job has a job, no one is ill...well WTG is having issues, but I believe he is attending to them.  I am staying out of that as best I can.  Anyway, although work makes me feel a little crazed most days, at least I can go home and count on some level of peace.  I'm grateful.
There!  The blah blah is blahed.  Thanks for the indulgence.  You're awesome, don't change a thing!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It sounds like things are going at a quick pace for you at the library.. need to see those pics of the Firefighter's..lol

I ready,willing and able to participate in Choose and Defend Wednesday!..Bring it on!

Glad to hear that things on the homefront are peacefull.. I only wish I could say the same for here..lol

secret agent woman said...

Things sound pretty good. Nice to have no crises to deal with.

AlienCG said...

Just think, though, all of those busy days will go super fast and you'll be in the calm of home in no time. Just take every project one at a time and everything will work out.

Churlita said...

No crises AND firefighters? I like the sound of your life right now. I hope you and DR are able to make time for each other with the new schedule.

daffy said...

Aw I'm sure you will get used to the new shcedule, well working around it at least.. it'll make the weekends that you are together more enjoyable as you will have looked forward to them more!
Hope work eases soon and yay for Firemen!

Tara said...

Oh lord, I've been in the midst of the two boss drama before, and it's not fun. They need to grow up and sort out their own mess. They're supposed to be professionals.

Ananda girl said...

Yay for DR's job! Happy news. Sorry about the every other thing, though.

I hate work situations like that getting caught between stuff. Never a happy thing.

Yay! for firefighters. What fun!

Thank goodness for your happy home.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Quick paced is a good way to think of it...and it really does help me that home is not adding to it. Watch for those pix Thursday :-)

Secret: Yes, at home no crises. Work feels like it is one big one that doesn't end.

AlienCG: You are always so calm. It is very helpful to hear, thanks.

Churlita: The fire fighters were an excellent addtion to my week!
I, too, hope we can work it out between DR and I. I just keep reminding myself that I have nothing but time in some ways.

Daffy: That is a great way to look at it, thank you. Enjoyment of rare pleasures.
Want me to send some fire fighters your way to put out the flames of desire to puff, puff, puff? :-D

Tara: I know, right? They get paid the big bucks to handle their stuff! I do NOT. *sigh*

laura b. said...

Ananda: I saw that pattern of good and bad running through the post. I can be a whiner, but really in the end have little to whine about and lots to be thankful for.

Sebastien said...

Summer reading program? shouldn't kids be shooting themselves in the eyes with bb guns over the summer? I thought that's what summer was all about. And teepeeing people's houses.

Have you heard of the book Winter's Tale? I just came across it the other day, it sounds super cool, going to read it very soon.


laura b. said...

Sebastien: In a less insane world that would certainly be the way summer would be!
Oooohhhh! I have heard of that and had it on my list for ages, but haven't yet read it. I think it looks really interesting. Please let me know what you think.