Friday, November 9, 2007

Word o' the Week? Work!

I am posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots today, as I have a nice long three day weeknd coming up! Yay! No work for three days...sort of ironic, eh? Given our subject matter and all.
MrManuel kindly provided us with the kickass word work. I went a little crazy getting picture of things that I do when I am at work.
Here is my place of business. It is my workplace!
One of the main things I do at work is to help patrons find the books and other materials that they need.
I also work at keeping the kids at a reasonable level when they are excitedly playing computer games. Homework and research on the computers? Well, I guess it could happen, in theory...
Sometimes I help to manage the teen volunteers. That can be a lot of work!
There are often a couple days per week when I do programs for the kids. That is more like fun than work.
One of the less exciting aspects of my work is attending meetings in the conference room under the watchful eyes of Lucky Baldwin and Hugo Reid.
Finally, sometimes my "work" involves hosting the firefighters when they come for a visit. That is always such a chore, but sometimes we must suffer for our art. :-)
I hope you enjoyed, or at least didn't hate, learning more about my WORK through pictorial documentation. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


We have that stuffed lion thing in our chidren's library!

All the way across the pond and we have the same stuff!



evil-e said...

I like your take on work...obviously you had a lot of material. Way to work up the theme...

Churlita said...

So, how do I find a job where I get to entertain fire fighters? That sounds like the kind of work I'd enjoy.

Tara said...

Hmmm...firemen. (sigh)

Sorry, I dazed out there. :) It looks like a cheerful and busy atmosphere at your work, LB! I love that!

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Love your take on "work" very excellent post..

Viki said...

I LOVE long weekends.

dmarks said...

So what's the story behind Lucky Baldwin?

laura b. said...

Soph: That's funny! I guess kids everywhere love sitting on big animals :-)

Evil-E: I do have plenty of work related pictures, so I went a little crazy there.

Churlita: That has been a great bonus aspect of being a city employee.

Tara: Yeah, fire fighters....*sigh*
I do like how busy and varied my work can be.

MrsBHW: Thank you!

Viki: Me too. It was hard to come back to work today.

Dmarks: He is quite the character. Here is some info on him if you are interested: He is kind of scary, but I have a little crush on blue-eyed Hugo Reid. haha!

laura b. said...

Oops, here try this Dmarks...Lucky Baldwin

MrManuel said...

You look like you have a fun job. I'd love to work at a library!

AlienCG said...

Now that's a lot of work. Good "Work" on your pictures.

laura b. said...

MrManuel: About nine years in now and I can't imagine working anywhere else. I love it.

AlienCG: Thanks for the kind words!