Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mumblety Mumblety Blah

Big sigh...I can't believe it is a whole 'nother month already. Let me get all old on all y'all and say that I do not know where this year has gone. Dang, this decade come to think of it...
Halloweening yesterday was quite fun. I am waiting for Princess Diva to send me some pix of the babies in their costumes. I guess I need either a new phone or maybe just a no frills digital camera. The one on my cell phone, I may have already mentioned, has given up the ghost. I really dislike not being able to take pictures at the spur of the moment. Christmas is coming, maybe someone or a group of someones will be inspired to go in together to get me a little something.
Hopefully by the time I am back online Saturday I will be more inspired...well, at least I will have my Saturday Scavenger Shots to post! Don't forget! The word for the week is sin. Yeargh!


evil-e said...

I don't like the camera on my phone. I tried it a couple of times and the photos were lousy. I am looking to pony up the Evil needs a new camera fund as well. After using other people's cameras I am convinced I need a better one.

Speaking of which. I took a couple of interesting angles of the word "sin" on Wed. I might have a couple more and will mess with the ideas....I like the word.

Tara said...

My camera phone works, but my phone is a little old and it won't let me send pics to my computer. All I can do is use it as a visual aid or to change my phones main image.

Can't wait for Saturday for the scavenger shots! I have ideas.

Viki said...

Camera phones suck big time. I like having a camera which one does one thing and does it properly - take photos!
I dont believe in all this super phones that seem to do everything but doing neither of them properly.

There that is my rant for today.

Churlita said...

I don't get me started on cameras right now. I'm still mourning the loss of mine.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: We both deserve a new camera! I haven't been round yet...I am really looking forward to seeing the sin pictures.

Tara: I can't wait to see what you put up for sin!

Viki: I know what you are saying. I think the main reason I like having a camera on my phone is that my phone is always with me. I might not carry a camera all the time.

Churlita: I am so sorry. That really sucks.