Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heaven in a Bottle

Maybe I should start a blog feature called Tuesday Treats. I like foods, especially snack foods and every week I could tell you about the most delicious thing I have recently enjoyed. Hm. Well, maybe that wouldn't be so interesting.

Still, join with me today in celebrating a bit of seasonal deliciousness. Okay, say you were still at work at 7:30 pm and you needed a little pick-me-up. If you were me, you would pull out the special treat that you had been saving just for such an occasion! Starbucks bottled Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino. Nice and chilled, right out of the bottle. (What? That's how a pirate would drink it!)

Here is a pretty picture of this miracle elixir. This isn't my refrigerator or my Starbucks. I got it off the interwebs...but isn't it beautiful?
In conclusion, if you like coffee, dark chocolate, peppermint, especially all together, you will love this. It is a special treat, so it is okay that it is a little pricey for a beverage. Sometimes these things are even on sale. Then you get more, more, more!


evil-e said...

This could be a good new feature. New ideas are good and useful. I like the use of "Tuesday" for some reason(wonder why).

Tara said...

Yum, that drink sounds nice! Peppermint and chocolate are a good combo.

Churlita said...

Yum. I like to drink from a bottle instead of a glass. I think it's just another sign of my classiness.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: Twofer Tuesday and Ta-Tuesday anyone? Yeah, Tuesday lends itself well to special features.

Tara: Oh, it is so, so good. You can never go wrong with peppermint and chocolate.

Churlita: haha! I do like to think of myself as a class act...