Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Bit of This and That

This will have to be one of those little bullet-point posts, as I don't have any one big thing in my head...just lots of little marbles! That I am losing! hahaha! Ah, I amuse me...

* WTG lost his job this morning. Way to go, wanker. In fairness, though, he will probably round himself up another job soon. At least that is his usual M.O.

* I am hoping this turn of events doesn't lead to Kick Back Dude losing his job as well. They are tied together both in the minds of the company they were/are working for and in the financing and insuring of their vehicles.

* On the lighter side, the new puppy is to be called Sage. She is a springer spaniel and so far she and big Tank are getting along fine. The cat, Mittle Kitty, despises them both and rules with an iron claw.

* I am sort of looking forward to tomorrow. I don't have to cook or clean or anything. All I have to do is drive to my dad and stepmom's house and strap on the feedbag. Right on.

* I am sort of dreading the days that follow as they are pointing in one direction...Christmas. This holiday always makes me anxious and I need to stop that! I am hoping to do most of my shopping online this year...but this means I need to get started...but ugh.

* I am starting to think that I need all of my relationships to be as inobtrusive as the one I have with Team C. I saw him a couple of weeks ago - perfect. And today he sent me a Thanksgiving ecard that made me happier than any ecard should. In the event of an actual relationship...I don't know, my head would probably explode.


evil-e said...

I am traveling back to the west side with Renee for Thanksgiving at the Alien's house..I don't have any work to do!!

I have only one person to actually buy presents for and I better get on it. I am still trying to figure out what to get the girlfriend.

Tara said...

Ordering online sounds like a fantastic idea. I have four brothers to shop for, their wives and kids, my mom, my cat (HAVE to get something for the cats)..It exhausts me to think it.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: That is my kind of Thanksgiving. I am sure you will become an inspired shopper when it comes to Renee :-)

Tara: I guess this just shows that there are good and bad things about having a big family. Definitely don't leave the cats out..they would know :-)