Friday, January 19, 2007

What I See

Right now, as I blog, I am sitting on the public desk surveying my domain. It is almost 3:30, so the room is in full swing. All the after school kids with nothing else to do, nowhere else to go. Their parents tell them to go to the library after school and stay until they get home from work. They picture them studiously bent over books and computers studying the afternoon away. Instead, the majority of them are playing computer games or sitting around chatting or playing cards with their friends. Here comes The Gator passing through...he is the security guard. He is a really nice guy, but not so eager to maintain order. Oh well...okay, I see two shelvers working...The Wolfman and Purple Betsy. They are two of the best shelvers here. The Wolfman never talks, but he is nice enough. Purple Betsy is funny. She has several kids, like me, and she always wears entire purple outfits, ALWAYS.
There are kids all over the place. All ages. A few parents with younger children.
As a rule, I like working Fridays. It tends to be a bit quieter than most other days and I am able to get a lot done. Today seems a bit busier than a normal Friday, but pretty managable. I keep getting up to direct people to books that they need...and I just gave out my last computer guest pass. Now The Gator is standing and visiting. His real job is a Special Ed. teacher, then he comes and does this. No wonder he isn't up for a fight after six hours of wrangling the special needs high school students.
Okay, now a Librarian from Adult Reference stopped by looking for a book for her little boy...she's the one I call BabyMama.
Now I am off the desk again, back in my office finishing this stream of consciousness post.
Let us all rejoice in the fact that it is Friday! Tomorrow, Handsome Lad has two basketball games. That will be fun and aside from that I have nothing special to do. I'll finish reading Memories of My Melancholy Whores. I will watch some of the things I have Tivo'd...and that, I hope, will be my weekend! I hope yours is either wildly exciting or peacefully soothing, whatever your preference.


evil-e said...

It sounds as if you are searching for species (people watching). Observing co-workers and passers-by is a fun sport, is it not? I do the same thing when I start to zone out at work, I sometimes start writing down thoughts about what's going on around me. Sometimes-they become posts.

Tara said...

I worked half a day on Friday because today is Saturday and it's my Saturday in the month to work. It's only till 2, though. A coworker just came in and offered a sausage biscuit from Burger King. They had an extra one left. Sausage biscuits are a weakness of mine. Nobody knew that...until now. Have a fun weekend!

Rachel said...

I can totally picture that in my mind.
Do you work at a public library or a school library?
I haven't ever heard of kids being sent to the library until their parents got home. Is this a new phenomena?

l.b. said...

Evil-E: I love people watching and seeking new species :-) And I always enjoy reading your species posts.

Tara: Sausage biscuits *drool*...always feel free to tell your secrets! Hope the rest of your weekend was just as delicious.

Rachel: I work in a public library. We actively discourage kids from being here unattended, because we can't be responsible. I always remind parents that it is a PUBLIC a mall or something...ANYONE can (and does) come in. It is a pretty prevalent problem in many public libraries.