Monday, January 15, 2007

I Have a Dream

Someday, they will let us have Martin Luther King Day OFF! They close the library to the public every MLK day and then make us spend the day learning something useful, such as "Dealing with the Problem Patron", "Better Customer Service Through Empathy"...whatever. This year we learned CPR again. I have five kids. I have taken more CPR classes than you can shake a stick at. I was a model student, for sure. It doesn't hurt to refresh your training, but still...I'm going to complain anyhow!
Ah well, the day is almost over and it will back to business as usual. At least there were no patrons to deal with today and the Administration did provide us with both a light breakfast buffet and a pizza lunch. It definitely could have sucked much harder, so now I will officially stop complaining. Yo.


evil-e said...

How nice of them. the old "you are not like the other workers, you must come in. We will, however, bribe you with foodstuffs" routine. We have gotten dinner on the company a couple of times pre and post holiday season.

Rachel said...

I was shocked that my son's school was open for MLK day. He ended up having a snow day due to freezing rain but if the weather would have cooperated he would have been sitting his butt in the classroom today.
I took a vacation day today but if I wouldn't have I would have been there too.

Tara said...

I had to work on MLK day too. It was like every other day, no special food, no CPR, nothing. Just a bland day. But we did have more of that unseasonably warm weather. It was in the 50s briefly and then dipped down and we have snow today.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: Free food is nice and all, but given the choice I would take an extra day off :-)

Rachel: I guess it is one of those hit or miss holidays. In our district it seems like any possibility of a day off is enthusiatically embraced.
I love tacking a vacation day onto a weekend. Great use of those hours instead of blowing lots of them at once.

Tara: No respect for the man there! They should have at least offered a nice 6 hour CPR class!
It has been soooo cold here. We thin blooded So. Cal-ers are astounded.