Monday, January 8, 2007


Five interesting things about me, as tagged by the Queen of her Castle over at Eclectic Spaghetti.

1. My five kids are probably one of the most interesting things about me. You'd be amazed at the assumptions people will make about you based on the number of children you produce.

2. I once bleached my hair very, very blonde. It look awful.

3. I am an excellent roller skater. Yeah, I challenge you to a skate off! haha!

4. I can't wear any light colored clothing, because apparently I am a worse slob than most people. Dirt and staining stuff are inexorably drawn to Pigpen from the old Peanuts comics.

5. Sometimes I listen to songs that I know will make me cry, because a good cry can feel better than almost anything.

I don't know who to tag! Anyone up for listing five interesting things about themself? I'd love to read it, sincerely.


Tara said...

I like those! Thanks for playing!

I'm with you totally on #5 especially. I'll listen to songs that'll make me cry AND I'll sometimes watch movies that make me cry. A good cry is very cleansing, isn't it? I love having a good laugh too. The ones that make it hard to catch your breath.

l.b. said...

Tara, a good laugh is probably even better but seems harder to get reliably for some reason.

evil-e said...

I cry every time I am forced to listen to top forty does not make me feel better either.