Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Join Me For a Pity Party?

If you are reading after that grabber, thank you. I am down today. First off, it is freezing in this building. I am wearing my bigass sweater and I am still face is cold! Also, I saw Team C today. I haven't seen him since...before Thanksgiving, I think. That isn't the problem though. We get together whenever. And seeing him was nice. On a day like today though, with me in this particular mood, I probably should have just stayed in for lunch. On a good day seeing Team C is like a feast...satisfying and containing everything I need. On a "poor me" day seeing Team C is more like being able to see the feast from outside the big walls of the manor. You can almost taste it, but you're not going to get to...not this time. I am now officially babbling.
Anyone who is still reading and wants to comment, please leave me your favorite joke. I need to cheer the hell up.


evil-e said...

Confuscious say: Man with hand in pocket feeling cocky.

: Man who lays down on street feeling tired.

: Man who walk sideways through turnstyle probably going to Bangkok.

Rachel said...

I will tell you D's favorite joke.

What did the 0 (zero) say to the 8?

Nice belt.

Tara said...

Okay this one was from "Pulp Fiction" - Papa tomato and baby tomato are walking down the street (or probably just hopping cuz they don't have feet). The baby tomato starts lagging behind, so the papa tomato goes up to the baby tomato, squishes him and says..."Ketchup!"

l.b. said...

Thanks! You guys totally rule :-D
E! Bangkok! *snort*
Rachel, thank D for me...that's a good one!
And Tara, just thinking about Pulp Fiction cheers me up! Twisted.