Friday, January 26, 2007

The Amazing Meganame Generator

This was so cool when I tried it over at Eclectic Spaghetti, that I had to have it on my blog too! Fun fun. I especially love my socialite name and the name of my punk rock band...

l.b.'s Aliases

Your movie star name: Popcorn Ivan

Your fashion designer name is Laura Venice

Your socialite name is Lala Pasadena

Your fly girl / guy name is L Bry

Your detective name is Hedgehog Workman

Your barfly name is Tangerine Amaretto Sour

Your soap opera name is Anne Samgerry

Your rock star name is Dark Chocolate Time

Your Star Wars name is Laumit Brycra

Your punk rock band name is The Calm My Tummy


Tara said...

This was a great quiz, I liked it. I like your Socialite name too and your barfly name!

l.b. said...

You find the best blog stuff Tara :-D