Thursday, January 18, 2007

How I Take Pictures

Over at Furtive Wangler's place he is showing some photos taken with his excellent new camera. He asked his loyal readers to post a photo on their blog featuring their favorite feature about their camera. Lately, I have mostly been taking quick snaps with my phone. I know some phones have primo cameras...mine, not so much. Here is an example of a picture taken with my phone camera courtesy of one of my compadres here at work a few weeks ago:

I love this picture, not because it is a fine quality photo, but because it shows how much fun my job can be!
I do want and need a good camera, but can't afford it at the moment. My birthday is coming soon, so maybe that should be my big request?


Tara said...

That is a great picture, L.B.! Such a variety of kids in that shot. I want to be that young again so I can enjoy summer vacation. :)

evil-e said...

A picture, as in a snapshot, is measured in personal value moreso than technical expertise. If this picture is a favorite of yours, then so be it.

If I took a picture of my job, it would be similar, except replace the kids with silly-acting adults. hehehe

Rachel said...

Love the photo. I got a pretty cool phone with a 256 mb memory card and a carrying case for under $200. It is a Fuji Fine Pix 5.1 megapixel digital camera.
Fun and easy to use!!!

l.b. said...

Tara: That is a perfect picture of the community I work in. Very diverse, fine people for the most part.

Evil-E: I find kids much easier to work with than adults. They are generally so much easier to please :-)

Rachel: I definitly need something very easy to use. I seem to have some technological impairment. K.I.S.S. is my motto. I will keep the Fuji in mind if anyone asks for ideas for B-day gifts...maybe if a few people went in on it even...