Friday, June 24, 2005


I am one of the many enthusiastic fans of the movie Sideways. When I saw it at the movies, I just loved it. It held up to a dvd rewatch. A real sweet little picture that did very well. I don't know how it was that I hadn't read the book before...and when I did, it was only because I had happened upon it here at my place of business. I am about half way through at this point and really enjoying it. The movie followed along with the plot, at least thus far, fairly closely. The characters are, appearance-wise, very different from their on screen selves. As I am reading, I picture them as I saw them, but then there will be some detail that comes up that doesn't match. Nothing wrong with that, as how the characters look is the least of the casting director's tends to be more about capturing their essence, which is totally cool.

Hmmmm...what else? Looking forward to the weekend, somewhat. Not looking forward to the fight I am facing with the baby daddy @$$hole, but that is an old fight that will probably never end. I am looking forward to a concert on Sunday evening with my best bear friend and a couple of her cool friends. It is officially called KCRW World Music Festival, but we are mostly going for Arcade Fire. I'm so excited! (I have tipped my hand, no doubt, that I don't get out much...)

Last, but not least, I will cryptically report that the lunchtime mission came off beautifully yesterday. Thanks again to Team C for your endurance and impeccable timing.

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