Monday, June 13, 2005

Nine Weeks and Counting...

Today is the first official day of SRP, our big deal at work. Everyday for the next nine weeks is going to be sheer torture. Um, okay, I am exaggerating. Let me say, more realistically, that the next nine weeks will be very busy. Sometimes busy in that drive you mad repetitive way. Sometimes busy in the WTF could possibly happen next way. I can get through it, though. I have done it for the past five summers and I can do it for the next *gulp* twenty five or so, if need be. Send good thoughts my way, please.

So out of touch with Long Distance Boy. It makes me feel sad and also slightly irritated for some reason. Not with him...just a general feeling. Maybe just a reaction against the sadness, which I sometimes just cannot bear.

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife on Saturday. Couldn't believe I read it so quickly, but I was very into it. Definitely one to recommend. Now, what next?

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