Saturday, June 4, 2005

S. S. @ da Liberry

Saturdays suck at the library. Not that I would be doing a wealth of fun things if I were at home. It is just that it is always particularly crowded and chaotic here on Saturdays for some reason. This is the day when the people tend not to be regular libary users, so they seem to require extra help...and there are so many of them to deal with! Of course I understand that it is the only day some people can go. People are busy.

Yesterday was okay at home. I am off every other Friday and my oldest son and I often go out to lunch together, as he gets home from work fairly early. I really enjoy that time with him. Since he has a good job these days, he even buys lunch! I appreciate it after a week of feeling like an ATM machine for the rest of the kids.

Looking for something new to read. I thought maybe another 331/3, since I enjoyed the one so much, but apparently they are not created at all equal. I picked up one about Radiohead's OK Computer, written by some Music Professor somewhere, and it was as dry as dirt. After the first page I kind of uh-oh'ed...flipped through it a little more and decided against wasting my time. The Replacements one was so charming. I often do enjoy a bildungsroman. Music Professor wasn't doing anything so lovely. He appeared to be analyzing each song and not in a cool interesting way. So, be careful with the 331/3's, brothers and sisters!

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