Monday, June 20, 2005

Living La Vida Loca

Yes, it is one crazy, crazy life. haha! Or at least it is a very busy life at the moment. I had some days off last week, but they were crammed full of activity. Last Wednesday, my second oldest son graduated from High School. That was so cool and the best thing was seeing him so excited and happy. After some down time, off to the salt mines for him! bwahahahaha! Saturday was my third son's 16th birthday and he had a HUGE party. I was actually at work that day (where it was ridiculously busy) so I missed the actual party. I did do the shopping and stuff and apparently it was a great success. Rah! Sunday was Father's Day. We kept it low key as my childrens' father had been involved in the other celebrations, so was happy to just be left alone with his telephone and television...the joys of his life.
After making it through all the family parties, I was almost relieved to be back on my regular schedule this week. However, when I walked in the door today it was all madness. Ugh. Eight more weeks. Tick tock.

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