Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pervasive Exhaustion

Thats the weather in my body and mind. Glad to be having a couple of days off coming up, but suspect (really, know) that they aren't going to be even slightly rejuvenating. Boo hoo hoo :-]

Onward...I am reading Enduring Love
A year or so ago, I read another of Ian McEwan's novels and enjoyed it quite a bit. I like this one even better. I know that it was also made into a movie, but I haven't yet seen it. Perhaps after I finish the book I will seek out a DVD and see how the two compare. I rarely like a movie more than a book, although there has been at least one instance I can think of, wherein the movie seemed richer than the book. The one that comes instantly to mind is The Hours. I actually saw the movie first, then read the book. Usually when you do that, you find out things that you could never have guessed at from the things that had to be cut out of the plot for time and story arc. In this particular case, though, the book felt almost like there was less going on. The exception that proves the rule, I suppose.

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