Thursday, June 30, 2005

Long Time No Blog!

Ah, nice to be here blogging. Haven't been neglecting the blog through lack of desire, but rather lack of time and, possibly, energy. I've been thinking about you, though, I promise.

SNAFU, you know? Work life is a whirlwind of activity. Home life...mostly good, with one big, fat bad part. Not much I can do to really change either environment right now, so I'm just gonna ride, ride, ride.

Hey! I went to a concert on Sunday evening! I had so much fun! It was at the Hollywood Bowl and we had these good seats. Its such a cool, casual venue. You are just sitting outdoors on these benches. Everybody brings food and wine and stuff. I was with my little bear friend and her pretend parents the S's. The show consisted of Si*Se of NYC , The Arcade Fire , and David Byrne . All I can say is Damn. It was a party. I had, like, half a cup of wine and that got me all happy. Danced my butt off (don't I wish).

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