Thursday, June 9, 2005

It's a Hard Knock Life For Us

Okay, maybe we're not exactly poor little orphans, but we have our share of troubles! No, no mouse on my shoulder. When I say we here, I am thinking specifically of me and my sweetie. He is there and I am here. Due to extenuating circumstances, we can't really be in touch as much as usual for the next couple of weeks. However, he has cleverly arranged make me feel like he is with me at all times. I'm so in love! *sigh*

What else, what else? Haven't been feeling all that spiffy the last few days...just allergies, I think. Today, I am feeling somewhat better and have high hopes that the worst of it has passed. Since I haven't been well, I have not really been reading as much. Too tired. However, I do have a book on hand that I anticipate starting with tonight. It is called The Time Traveler's Wife . I made note of it when it came out and turned up on Best Sellers lists, but am only now getting to it. Let us see how it goes...

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