Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You Know My Dreams

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States, so let me just wish you all a preemptive Happy Thanksgiving! Since Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, you must know that today is Choose and Defend Wednesday. So how about a sort of a Thanksgiving themed question for this week?

Let's imagine that you've prepared and enjoyed your magnificent Thanksgiving feast with your family and friends beside you to make the day extra special. Ah, very nice! But now you are forced to make a decision about your post-feast activity. As always, there are only two choices and the rules of Choose and Defend compel you to make a choice between the two...and further, you must defend your choice to the rest of us!

What will you do after eating?

Go Shopping

Watch Football

You may well have some other fabulous activity in mind. That's fine and I'd actually love to hear about it in comments. However, please also tell us which of these two activities you'd prefer (Choose) and tell us why (Defend). It's the American way! 

By the way, one thing I am definitely thankful for is those of you who stop by my blog. Thank you so much. 
Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I worked retail as a younger person, and nothing was more depressing than working on a holiday. Everyone else was home with their friends and families except for the handful of rat bastards who just had to have a Huey Lewis CD at 3:00 on Thanksgiving, thereby justifying my evil boss's decision to keep the doors open and pay me minimum wage. I hated it, not that I had anything better do do but is was the principle of the thing.

Football wins by default, but I hate that all of those people -- the players, the stadium people, the media folks, etc. -- have to work, too.

3GKnight said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope everything was wonderful. I did neither, but for votes sake, I pick foosball.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Wow. Two things I don't do and don't want to do at Thanksgiving. I guess I'd pick football only because I am fundamentally opposed to the whole Black Friday shopping phenomenon. But I wouldn't be happy about having to watch football!

FW said...

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving LB! I would pick football because I hate shopping at this time of year, I don't like crowds and the lack of available parking spaces. I also prefer to be home in the warmth of my own house than braving the cold weather outside. Although it is a shame that all the people off the pitch have to work too.

laura b. said...

James: I have hard to work a few holidays, and even though I understand the world can't shut down, it never felt fair or right. Especially with no premium pay. That is just cruel. One for Football.

3GK: Hope you had a good one! I am heartened to hear you did neither :) Two for Football.

Secret: haha! I hear you. Thanks for playing along in spite of the aversion factor. Three for Football.

FW: I am never much of a shopper, but this time of year makes the whole enterprise really challenging. Four for Football.

Everyone: This has been a touchdown for the Watch Football far no one wants to Go Shopping! 0-4 as of now. Anyone else? Doesn't matter that the day has passed. Your feelings still matter :)