Wednesday, November 13, 2013

With All the Merchandise and Sunglasses I Could Ever Need

Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday. This is a weekly event that encourages making a choice and perhaps even discussing your choice! The important thing to remember is that there is no wrong choice and no wrong defense. This is a safe space :-)

This week you can become a collector, right here, right now. Maybe you already collect something. Maybe you even collect one of these two popular collectible items. But if you don't, pretend that now you MUST! Which of these two items would you Choose to collect? And tell us why...Defend.

Will you collect...


Stamps can't win if you don't play!  Oh wait...there are no winners here.  Okay...this is coming out badly. When we participate, we win!  There you go. Be a winner. Choose and Defend.


Anonymous said...

When I was ten years old my grandfather (the Mason)handed me a couple of boxes. He was a poor man, mostly because he drank his paychecks, but he handled the boxes like they were crown jewels.

"This is the family stamp collection," he said. "My uncle Frank started it and handed it off to me, and now I'm handing it down to you. You have to take care of it, Jimmy, and you have to keep it in the family."

I felt like a grown-up, like I had a purpose. The family was counting on me -- not just those who were living, but the departed and the yet to come.

I've continued to add to the collection and keep it safe. It's worth very little in dollar terms, but it's the most valuable thing I'll ever own.

Jasen Buch said...

I have never collected either of these, but I do love seeing old coins. I also like seeing new coins, such as foreign ones.

Having worked in a mailroom for many years, I can honestly say I grew tired of anything having to do with the mail.

I am going to choose COINS as my hobby of choice. Thank you for the question.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Coins. I'm just not a stamp person so much. I mean, there are some very cool ones, but I have n real interest. But I do bring back coins from every foreign place I visit, so I have a small coin collection.

laura b. said...

James: How cool! There is something very special about being brought in, as an key player, in a family tradition. One for Stamps.

Jasen: I can understand not being too pro-stamp after mailroom work. Thank you for answering! One for Coins.

Secret: Coins are a nice little thing to save from abroad. Sounds like your collection has personal meaning and that is nice too. Two for Coins.

Everyone: We also had an answer from Cindy on Twitter (@twindy5) She was Two for Stamps. So now the vote stands at 2-2! Let's hope we can have another friend or two or several drop in and tie break :)

NoRegrets said...

I collected stamps from a very young age. I love the art, the history. It's a little less exciting now with the peel off stamps and the computer created images... but also I have no space for it.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Some stamps truly are little works of art. Do you still have your stamp collection even though it is inactive? Three for Stamps.

Now at 2-3, Stamps leading Coins. Who else wants a hobby? :)

FW said...

This is a difficult one. I've never really been a collector of either but my brother has. I liked looking through his stamp books and seeing the stamps from other countries. We didn't see many international coins as children, so I'm going for stamps as they were much easier to get hold of than foreign coins.

laura b. said...

FW: I have never collected these items either. Your defense is good! Four for Stamps.

Now 2-4, Stamps over Coins!