Saturday, November 16, 2013

Real's the Dream

Saturday is here and it brought with it this Saturday Scavenger Shots post. This week's word, TOY, was chosen by the delightful Cindy. She is a great Twitter friend who tweets as @twindy5. Thanks for a fun word, Cindy!

I TOYed with the word a bit, but in the end decided to just go old school and show you the TOYs I have on my desk. They blend into the background a lot of the time, but they are always there when I need to divert myself with a little happiness. I know I have featured most of these TOYs on my blog at one time or another, but here they are again!

Take a look -

Here is a collection of tiny TOY animals who populate my desk. They seem to get along just fine.

My bobblehead TOY collection is small, but mighty :) Dwight Schrute and the Penworthy Bear are great friends, in spite of...or maybe because of Dwight's fearful respect for bears.

Princess Unicorn is another Office related TOY. I know you have seen her before, as I was so tickled when my daughter made her for me one Christmas. 

Of course, we cannot forget my action figures. I love these guys very much. From left to right, say hello to Casanova, Albert Einstein, Librarian Nancy Pearl, and the Male Nurse. Each TOY is special in its own special way. They are a diverse group, but they've learned to make it work in their little desk top world. 

As you can see, my TOYs are well worth being featured on Saturday Scavenger Shots! Thanks again for a great word, Cindy! 

Now, what will happen next week? Who knows? TOY with the idea a bit and if you feel inspired to post your own TOY photo and/or choose a word for next week, please let me know! Thanks :) 


Secret Agent Woman said...

I like the action figures. WHat's the significance of the male nurse?

Jasen Buch said...

I figured you would have plenty of toys to show off. I love the fact that you have an Einstein action figure. Excellent choice for pictures.

laura b. said...

Secret: Thanks. It's funny...I have a brother-in-law who is a nurse, but that isn't why I picked up that figure. He was actually offered up as a give-away by fellow blogger NoRegrets and I called dibs on him. I just thought he'd be a fun addition to my little collection.

Jasen: I do still love toys :) I love my Einstein too! He has a piece of chalk, all ready to write up some equations on the board. Thank you!