Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clothes Make the Man, Man

Just stopping in quickly on the last day of my stay-at-home vacation to give you a quick Choose and Defend. It is Wednesday and it is what we do here at What Fresh Hell is This?  This week, I thought maybe you'd like to adopt a sort of sartorial trademark!  Or maybe you wouldn't like to, but pretend you were compelled. And pretend that these are you two choices...because today they are! Which ever accessory you Choose, you will be required to sport it whenever you go out in public. Keep this in mind :) Which will you Choose....and how will you Defend your choice?

A Fedora


A Superhero Cape

It will be the new you! What will it be? Choose and Defend!

I am back to work tomorrow.  I know it sounds wrong, but it is oh, so right, that it will also be back to a more regular internet experience. I have a few days of lost time to make up for on your blogs and other social see you soon in your space! Thanks!


Jasen Buch said...

While capes might be quite stylish and under appreciated in today's society, I can't see myself donning one anytime soon. The fedora, however, is a mark of style and sophistication. Also, I think I would look pretty badass in a fedora. I am going with the FEDORA.

FW said...

Both are equally capable of being worn by men or women - the fedora was originally worn by women. I personally would like to see more hats and capes being worn on the high street. It would make shopping more visually interesting. John Pertwee, a favourite Dr Who of mine, wore a cape. Humphrey Bogart, another hero of mine, wore a fedora well too. Difficult choice. I'm going to go for fedora but my head is on the small side so only if I can get one that fits well!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Cape. No question. I don't much care for hats but I love the idea of getting to wear a superhero cape. And boots, of course.

NoRegrets said...

Hat hat hat... I look good in hats and they don't get caught in escalators.

laura b. said...

Jasen: I can totally picture you rocking the fedora. Works. One for Fedora.

FW: Agreed! Accessories make things more visually interesting. I have a big head, so also have to be careful about hat size. Two for Fedora.

Secret: I think a cape would add some spice to life! One for Cape.

NoRegrets: haha! That would be something to look out for! Three for Fedora.

Everyone: Thanks for checking in. We have Fedoras leading Capes at 3-1. James nearly voted on Twitter, but couldn't commit :) Anyone else want to speak to this important issue? Please do.