Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Let's Sink Another Drink

Time once again for your my favorite Choose and Defend Wednesday!  That's is your chance to predict the next winner in Dancing with the Stars!!!  Okay.  No one is as excited about it as me. Obviously there are fans in the world...this show does very well in the ratings.  But none of those people read my blog. Or associate with me in real life.  I am alone in my love for this super sweet and cheesy show.  I accept that.  But a couple of times a year I do ask my blog reading friends to make the whole experience even more fun for me by choosing who they think will win for the current season.  Since it is Choose and Defend, it is great if you can tell us why you made your choice.  "She / He is hot" is absolutely acceptable.  Just please, please indulge me and play! If you Choose the winner, there is something in it for you too!  I will send you a $25 Target gift card.  It's true. 

So, a few weeks in and here are the remaining contestants...

David Arquette - Actor / Producer

Chaz Bono - Author / Activist / First transgendered contestant

Nancy Grace - Lawyer / TV Inquisitor

Rob Kardashian - Reality Star / Professional Kardashian

Carson Kressley - Celebrity Stylist / TV Personality

Ricki Lake - Talk Show Host / Actor

JR Martinez - Iraqi War Veteran / Actor

Hope Solo - Professional Soccer Goalie

There they are...take a look...Choose and Defend!  Thank you in advance.  (Especially to NoRegrets, who at least LOOKED at my DwtS page and already chose David Arquette...are you sticking with him NoR?) Rest of you, get on it!  Thx.


silly rabbit said...

Ha! I can verify that the gift card truly does arrive!
I'm going to vote for David Arquette. There is no logic to my choice! I have a fondness for him ever since I found out that he bought a giant pencil from an old TV show... because who wouldn't want one?

3GirlKnight said...

The only name I recognize is Arquette, but I cannot imagine him being a good dancer. I'll go for Hope Solo, because of the feet skills.

secret agent woman said...

Arquette because he's kind of cute? That's the best I can do - it's not a show I watch.

Churlita said...

I'm going with Carson. He won't win, but he is hilarious. He should win just for that.

laura b. said...

Silly: He seems like a very fanciful sort of guy. Easy to like him :) So, Silly picks David Arquette.

3GK: And I don't know if you've seen other photos of her, but she is pretty, pretty hot...never hurts :) 3GK picks Hope Solo.

Secret: You are in good company. No one here except me actually watches this show, so your choice is just as valid as anyone's. Secret chooses David Arquette.

Churlita: He isn't a natural born dancer, but he is sure willing to work hard and he is sooo funny and sweet. People love him :) Churlita has Carson Kressley.

Anyone else want in? You can't win if you don't play!!!