Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do You Want Some More?

Hello Sirs and Madams. Today, I invite you to INDULGE, because that is the Saturday Scavenger Shots word. You can thank Silly Rabbit for that one.  Thank you!

When I think about the word INDULGE I think of the pleasure of treating yourself to something extra. Did anyone see this week's Parks & Rec episode? If you didn't, you really should Treat Yourself...Donna and Tom really know what they're doing.  Since I am a poor-ish person, I think the ways that I INDULGE myself are fairly simple.  Sometimes it is simply about indulging in a feeling...I let myself feel the pure happiness that strikes at odd times, or I allow myself to sink in to a good wallow of self-pity.  It happens.  But those things are hard to photograph.  Or rather, they are probably not something you'd like to see :)

But here are some things you should not object to seeing. And since I am at work today, the focus will be on my fabulous cubicle where I INDULGE in a few small ways.  Here you go.  INDULGE -

Dealing with the peoples is hungry business.  Sometimes you just need a little sumpin' sumpin' to get you through.  I will INDULGE in a little snack now and again and again!

I find it rather nice to put on some lovely scented lotion from time to time.  It is a way to INDULGE myself in a bit of sensory redirection, I guess you could say.  Also, whenever I think about lotion, I can hear Buffalo Bill in my head saying - It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again.  And that makes me laugh, so that's cool.

I do INDULGE in some blog reading and writing time while at work.  Not to excess, but it is always a wonderful break in my day.

I have DR's picture pinned up so that I can INDULGE in the occasional daydream. It is nice to see his face during my long days. I have pictures of the kids and grands all over too, so I can INDULGE in fond, foolish musings about them all.

Now you are privy to some of the ways in which I INDULGE myself when I am not doing what they pay me to do here.  Luckily, I have the kind of job where there are moments to do so.  Also luckily, I have the kind of job where I get to INDULGE my love of reading, books, and the people seeking such things :-)

Hope you are all able to INDULGE in something pleasureable this weekend. See that you do!


3GirlKnight said...

Great pictures! Although I did think, "dang that's a lot of alcohol" when I first glanced at the second picture.

I think this SSS word is the perfect excuse to indulge myself. Not that I don't do that too much already, but I think I'm going to go get the photo transfer kit for my iPad.

secret agent woman said...

Oh, I'm all about indulgence as long as it hurts no one else. Good food, good wine, good sex, good sleep, good company, and so on.

laura b. said...

3GK: haha! Yeah, I don't really indulge in that much of the drink :)
And I think your indulgence sounds very worthwhile!

Secret: I think that is a great way to look at it. If it feels good and no one is getting hurt, why not?

CeCe said...

I think I will indulge, even though I'm just now reading this post!

laura b. said...

CeCe: Hi! Yes, by all is never too soon or too late to indulge :)