Saturday, October 8, 2011

SECRET Secret Agent Man

It is Saturday, October 8.  So, we have Saturday Scavenger Shots...and the Oct. 8 date means it is also Paul's Secret Agent Man's birthday.  Thus, join me for a celebration of everything SECRET and SECRET Agent Man!

I am not very good at SECRETs.  My life tends to be an open book.  My second oldest son, SECRET Agent Man, is one of the most private people I know and has been that way since he was just a little guy. He keeps his own council.  He's always had some quality about him that touches my heart....maybe it is that 'I go it alone' thing...or his tough guy exterior with a soft heart that can't help showing though.

Here is one of SECRET Agent Man's nice guy things.  He is to your right and Social Animal is on your left.  They both give blood regularly.  It isn't a SECRET activity, but if you know SECRET Agent Man casually, you probably wouldn't guess that this is one of his things.
Although, now, SECRET Agent Man won't be able to give blood for awhile.  About three or four years ago, he got one tattoo on his upper arm.  Recently, he added another three, including this one.  He says he wants both upper arms completely covered.  Because we have encouraged him not to go below his elbow, he can keep his tattoos a SECRET of sorts when he is working.  He likes the body art...what can I say?

In conclusion, I wish a very happy 25th to my second son, SECRET Agent Man. My heart is full remembering each year of his mysterious life :)

Hoping I can get Silly Rabbit to choose a word for next week.  What say you, Silly?


silverthoughts2 said...

After 9/11 I went to give blood for the first (and last) time. They missed my vein so they weren't able to get any blood and left me with a huge bruise that stayed with me for a month. Turned me off of the whole process though I'm always amazed at people that give blood regularly.

Happy Birthday to your son!

secret agent woman said...

Happy Birthday to your son - 25 is one of those landmark birthdays.

I don't meet the weight requirement for giving blood, which suits this needle phobe just fine.

silly rabbit said...

Happy birthday to Secret Agent Man!
What a wonderful way to use your SSS word! I used to give blood until I began using medication that they will not allow. I think its helps so many people.
I'm thinking of a word... hummmm. I'll get right back with that.
Meanwhile, I set my SSS post to open early yesterday and it did not. I've been out hunting, so I did not see it was missing until just now! Its up.
sorry it is late. Back in a few with the word!

laura b. said...

Silver: I have always had problems with blood draws when I get a less than competent phlebotomist. Luckily, at the place we go to, they are very good and can get my vein with no trouble.
Thank you!

Secret: Quarter century! Makes me feel quite elderly :)
Oh yes, I remember that you don't care for needles.

Silly: For once I thought ahead when choosing a word! I was so excited to use SECRET today :)
I saw your hunting post, but I need to get back to see your SSS post...thank you!