Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We'll Be Together All Alone Again...

Since I got all reflective and stuff yesterday I thought I'd follow up today with a similarly themed Choose and Defend Wednesday.  This is not a new thought by any means, but is a thought.  When do you most feel like your "new year" falls?

New Year's Eve / Day

Back to School Time

I mean, for a lot of people the answer may be both.  But if forced (as you are) to Choose one, think about the way in which you most often mark the passage of time and the feeling of a fresh start.  Defend your choice so we can all see it from your side!  Because today is Choose and Defend Wednesday and this is what we do.


Anonymous said...

I'm a traditionalist, so I'm all about 1/1. When the ball drops the New Year stops.

Tara said...

Oh man, this is a tricky one.... I guess my most powerful feeling of the passage of time is when kids go back to school. I feel conflicted at that time. I remember the excitement of buying new school supplies, but also feel the disappointment that Summer was over.

MrManuel said...

I am so far detached from school now that it is clearly 1/1.

3GirlKnight said...

Is it sad that I would choose neither? It used to be the new school year, but only because the new TV season started. It's never really been New Years Day for me.

Since it's choose and defend, I'll pick new school year, but lately it's been the start of our busy season at work. It's somewhat seasonal, so that's when it feels like the start of something for me. Typically it's around March.

secret agent woman said...

School still. My kids are still in it, and I was on an academic calendar for the 22 years I was in school.

But honestly, I think the New Year ought to be the beginning of Spring.

Churlita said...

I think back to school time. I take almost all of my vacation time during the Summer. So, when Fall comes I do feel like I'm starting a new year.

NoRegrets said...

Having no kids, it's usually Jan 1. But since I don't really celebrate it all that much... Not sure what I consider to be the new year. Have to think about that.

laura b. said...

James: And you do it in rhyme! Very nice. One for Traditional New Year.

Tara: Yes, exactly. Both excitment and trepidation and newness! One for Back to School.

MrManuel: Yeah, you got out of that gig :-) Two for Traditional New Year.

3GK: Perfectly played and I appreciate that. You made a choice, as the game require, but elaborated about what your preference is. And that is interesting about your work's busy season! Two for Back to School (but really March!)

Secret: Having kids of school age definitely faciliates that very seasonally based internal calendar. I work with kids too, so I'm double whammied. But looks like you agree with Ken, though for different reasons :-) Three for Back to School (but really Spring!)

Churlita: Summer vaction time is so wonderful. And as with other's of us, having school age kids sets that mood...and you work at a school too! Four for Back to School.

NoRegrets: Thank you for giving it some thought. I was appreciative of people's defenses for this one. Let's say for now Three for Traditional New Year (but considering other options!)

Everyone: So, officially we have 4 for Back to School and 3 for Traditional New Year. Very close! On an interesing side note, we could give 2 points to Spring if we wanted as well! Anyone else want to talk about their New Year? Please feel free!!!

FW said...

The strongest feeling of time passing comes from my kids returning to school for me too. It ties in with the X Factor and the run up to Christmas, funnily enough.

BrightenedBoy said...

I've always loved the symbolic transition of the New Year, but in practice I feel my fresh start comes with the beginning of a new semester in August.

I imagine it will be a bit odd next year.

laura b. said...

FW: This seems to be both a parent thing...and even having been a kid thing!
haha! Always good to work in a tv tie in :-) Five for Back to School.

BB: Yes, each event has their place, but as a student there is so much potential when a new semester starts! Next year will definitely be interesting for you. Six for Back to School.

Everyone: Back to School is beginning to kick Traditional New Year's butt with a score of 6-3!