Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I See That Adorable Ghost

Looks like Wednesday has snuck up on me once again.  We're having another one of our busy times at work with the kids returning to school.  The afternoons get wacky.  But let's take a break and enjoy some Choose and Defend Wednesday.  I'm afraid that today I am going to have to take something away from you.  The good new is that you get to Choose which thing it is!  Could you more easily live without (for the next five years, let's say) -

Access to the Internet

Your Car

One or the other has to go for the next five years.  Which will it be and why?  Choose and Defend!  Thanks :)


NoRegrets said...

Fer sure get rid of the car. There's always public transportation and friends...

Churlita said...

I'll get rid of my car. I hardly ever drive it anyway. I mostly ride my bike and I could easily get some bags to cart groceries on it.

silly rabbit said...

I have to agree with Churlita and NoRegrets!
I've lived for about 3 years without a car before... as an adult with children. It had challenges, but was manageable.
Give up the internet? That's like life without air!

secret agent woman said...

Yikes. I live in a place with no public transportation. I'd have to pick my car if I wanted to earn a living. But I'd sure miss internet.

Tara said...

Oo boy, that's a tough one and it's going to be close. Take the internet away from me, please.

If I was the only one who needed my car, I might pick that one, but my mom depends on it too much.

Before you take the internet away from me, though, let me jot down some contact numbers for some of my Facebook friends. :)

3GirlKnight said...

Way too many variables on this one. Is it 'my' car, or 'a' car? Is it just the 'internet' or a broadband connection?

If I didn't have to pick up kids 15 minutes away, I'd for sure get rid of my car. We don't have public transportation and that's a long bike ride. And if I can borrow a car, I'd dump my car.

If I could still access the Xbox Live network, but not the rest of the internet, I'd dump the internet instead.

So I guess it's get rid of the car. I'll need to keep the carseats though...

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: IF you live in the right area and have the right friends. But I like that you didn't hesitate here! One for Car.

Churlita: Somehow, you answer didn't surprise me. You could travel so many, many miles by foot or bike :) Two for Car.

Silly: That is an excellent testament to your resourcefulness! When I had small children, I felt particularly dependent on my car. But the internet...pretty dependent of that too! Three for Car.

Secret: It is hard to imagine doing without the internet nowadays. But the question becomes very different in areas that aren't big on public transportaion! One for Internet.

Tara: Aw! You are sweet to give up the Internet for your mom. She is lucky to have such a good daughter. I would have so much note taking to do if I ever had to leave the internet behind. Two for Internet.

3GK: It is YOUR car and it is any connection to the world wide webby :-) I guess I'll leave it to you to figure out all those arrangements...and all that buckling of the car seats into borrowed or stolen vehicles :-D
Four for Car.

Everyone: So 4 of your have chosen to give up your car and 2 have chosen to say goodbye to the Internet. For me this was a hard one to contemplate. That was what was sort of interesting about this one...for some people it seemed almsot like a no brainer and for others, a really hard choice! Anyone else is welcome to weigh in!

FW said...

I'd get rid of the car. I can use the Internet to order shopping. I can use the Internet to work from home. Getting rid of the car might help reduce my carbon footprint.

laura b. said...

FW: You make a good point that a LOT can be done as long as you keep the Internet! Five for Car.

Edging things up 5-2. Cars over Internet.