Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Trial Run

Just wanted to put up a brief post today wishing my wonderful Audie Kick Back Dude a very happy 26th *gulp* birthday!  26!  Keep in mind I was very young when I had him!  Okay...not THAT young.  Not, like, Teen Mom young.  But still!  I was inexperienced and he was my trial run :-)  Now that he is grown and a father himself, I feel like I did a fine job in spite of my lack of credentials and the many distractions that came with having four more children after him.  Or maybe....maybe I just got lucky.  He's a stellar guy in every regard. 

Tomorrow night I'm going to cook us all up a fun family dinner and we'll celebrate.  Can't wait.  That's right...can't wait to celebrate!  And rhyme!  Because it is just that time.  Oh blime..y.  Happy Birthday Kick Back Dude!!! 


silly rabbit said...

Happy birthday to your stellar Kick Back Dude! I can't imagine a dancing bear being anything but a great mom.
We called our first child, our "training child". I think that there are basic rules to parenting but in the end, it's what works for each individual child. So its all play it by ear. But obviously, you did a fine job! Have fun celebrating.

Tara said...


You have definitely done a fine, fine job and should be a proud mama!

secret agent woman said...

Happy Birthday to him!

I like the idea of a trial run - I can now excuse away any mistakes with my first.

laura b. said...

Silly: Thank you! Dancing bears aren't always the most organized, but we also don't get too crazy over the little things either :-)
And you're so right...each child has different needs, for sure.

Tara: Thank you very much! I am very proud.

Secret: haha! I think all parents need some slack. There is a learning curve :)

Churlita said...

Happy birthday to Kick Back Dude. My oldest is not very kick back at all.