Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That's Why They Call Me Mr. Fahrenheit

We deserve some fun now, don't we? I think we do, so this week's Choose and Defend Wednesday is a good time, baby! Today you are a superhero. Yeeesshhh. As such, you get to have a superpower, of course. Because it is my simple little game you have only two choices. They're good ones though!

What will your superpower be?




Make a choice, defend your choice, humor laura b. and play her blog game. Thanks!


dmarks said...

Flight, for sure. The invisibility thing is fun, until you are walking down the street and some slob flicks a burning cigarette butt in your eye or spits on you because they can't see that you are there.

Bobby said...

Invisible. Because you could sneak onto any airline. I agree with dmarks, though. One would have to watch out for flying spit and cigarette butts.

But, yeah, invisible. Maybe invisibility is a sign of a sneaky character. Maybe flying is a sign of a soaring personality, a soaring character. I like flying better now that I think about it.

Can I try both?

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I think flying would be cool, but you might end up flying in bad weather, so I will go with invisibility.. that way you can sneak into the theatres and not pay huge amounts of money for stale popcorn and flat pop..(ya that is a big dream of mine,lol)

Anonymous said...

I'd have to be invisible! I'd love to get cheeky! Imagine that! :o)

Churlita said...

That's tough. I'd say flying because I would that feeling, and because you could go anywhere for free. Can you imagine all the traveling you'd do?

I love to watch, so I think being invisible would be fun. I think I'd be too tempted to spy on people and I doubt I'd like the things I might see and hear.

NoRegrets said...

Flying for sure. Um, not sure why, except that I like being in the sky.

laura b. said...

Dmarks: You make a very convincing argument for flight. One I admit I hadn't considered.

Bobby: You thought this one through, yes, you can try both :-)

Mrs: haha! I like that! Invisibility for the theater goer! Makes good sense to me.

Daffy: You slay me :-) Think of the possibilities....

Churlita: Flight for all the right reason vs Invisibility for the wrong make a great point.

NoRegrets: You do like your heights it seems. Okay, you get to fly!

Everyone: So far, we have three for flight, two for invisibility, and one who will remain uncommitted until trying out both. Any other quarters want to speak up here? The more Choose and Defenders the better!

Tara said...

Ohh, good question. As much as I'd like to be invisible on some days when people keep coming in and out of my office, I'll choose the power of flight.

laura b. said...

Tara: One more flyer in the bunch!

Everyone: I am going for the power of flight as well. It could be so useful and fun to be invisible...but given my retiring personality, I'd be afraid of using it ALL the time :-) Flying would give me confidence and think of the money I'd save on gas!

So, as of now, it is five for flight, two for invisibility, and one up in the air...and hard to see! I could do this all day if you haven't weighed in and would like to, feel free!