Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short and Sweet

A quick, late Tuesday post...what to talk about? Well, my tummy is a little off. That isn't sweet. It was one of those long days at work and I'm tired. Also, not sweet. Dang. I don't want to leave on a sour note. Let me think of something happy. Okay. Here is my happy thought...most of the mistakes that I make are caused by impulsiveness rather than by deliberate strategies that fail. That should count for something, right? I'm not sure why, but I am choosing to see that as a less mistakey way to make mistakes. Hey, you gotta work with what you have! Another happy thought...tomorrow is another day :-) Yay!


lilian said...

private interview from dancing with the Stars Winner!!!
watch here
must see!!!

daffy said...

First of all.... GROAN! I am not looking on the link. DO not press link... I am watching the final of Dancing with the stars on Friday. (The UK is a little late!)
Laura! Did you draw that yourself, It's so lovely!
Keep thinking happy thoughts and get some rest!

Churlita said...

Do you have days off this week? That should make you happy...

This is my last day of work until Monday and I am thrilled about that.

Tara said...

I hope your stomach feels better! I love that picture!

You have a very happy and delicious Thanksgiving!

Bobby said...

See? That means that you mean well!

I hope you feel better.

I try to put my mistakes into a certain perspective. I view it this way: I can't handle the volume of problem-solving 'opportunities' that come my way. ha.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It sucks when you aren't feeling good.. Hope you feel better soon and Happy Thursday..

laura b. said...

lilian: We are doing this on U.K. time :-) It can wait!

Daffy: Don't you worry, I have learned my lesson. We will discuss this after you've seen it!

And no, I am sorry to say that I did not draw that little picture myself. I just snagged of the internet, as I do so many other things...

Churlita: My long weekend became longer. I called in sick Wednesday to give myself a 5 day weekend. Score! Hope you are having a great long weekend, too :-)

Tara: It was a 24 hour bug that seems to be going round. I was better by Turkey Day :-) Hope yours was great!!!

Bobby: You see my point exactly! And you have just the right attitude. :-)

Mrs: It was a doozy, but luckily it passed quickly. Thanks for all the good wishes!