Saturday, November 15, 2008

...Is Where You'll Find Me Hiding, Waiting For You

I'm excited to find myself at Saturday again! My excitement is tempered by the fact that it is a work Saturday, but man! I love posting Saturday Scavenger Shots! See all the !!! ? Yeah. This week's word, choosen by K_sra, is LACUNA. We all had to run look it up when she put it out there. It wasn't just me, right? Um, okay. Anyway LACUNA required some real thought. I have only one shot this week, but I'm thinking it isn't bad.

The patterns created by the space between represents the LACUNA. It isn't what is there, but what is not there. LACUNA.

Alrighty! Now, I can't wait to see everyone else's LACUNA. Come on, baby...just a peek at your LACUNA, hm? ha! Oh, and for those of you following along thus far, K_sra has tagged Woman with No Regrets to choose next week's word! Yay!


Tara said...

Oo, what a perfect shot for the word! I had to look up the word too, it is not part of my usual vocabulary. But perhaps now it should be.

Oh and I love the photo in your headshot! Very southwesternish.

BTW, are you getting the effects from the fires in Santa Barbara? That looks horrible out there! Be careful!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Great job.. I have nothing for this week.. so I will be posting something else.. eventually

daffy said...

I always learn something when I come over here. You know so much! :o) I love your pic too btw. :o)

NoRegrets said...

I definitely had to look it up. And I really like your shot. You live in S. California?

and jeepers, I'll give it a day or two to enjoy THIS word...

Churlita said...

Nice LACUNA, baby. No, really. That is the perfect shot. I'm still not sure what to put for it.

laura b. said...

Tara: It's great that now I will forever know exactly what lacuna is (um, or is that are?)
Thank you! I keep trying to find different interesting pictures featuring the moon.
The fire isn't near enough to me for ash or anything, but it is very serious. All these mobile homes and other structures have burned and I think 10,000 people were evacuated.

Mrs: And I see that you did manage to work LACUNA into your post, clever girl!

Daffy: I am a regular font of wisdom! Well, okay, maybe not quite, but I love trying to find pictures to fit these words. You should play too.

NoRegrets: I'm glad to hear others had to look it up too!
I do live in So Cal...just east of Los Angeles.
We will be awaiting your choice :-)

Churlita: Ooh, thank you! If I were you, I would use one of my bar sandwich shots with barely a bit of space (or as we now call it, LACUNA) between the bods. Yep.

k_sra said...

I'm enjoying the heck out of everyone's alcuna shots. This one is brilliant and arty. YAY! We're all so damn arty! :)

I feel like I'm in a mosque when I see your pic, Laura.

laura b. said...

K_sra: Nothing quite like arty lacuna :-)
I am assuming that they were going for some sort of Eastern influence, as there is a moon gate entrance to the building. It's all very 1950's...