Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday? Isn't That One of Those Oxymorons?

Did you know that today's Taraday is Monday Appreciatation Day? Well, it is. And it just so happens that the mysterious (not really) laura b. mood cycle is saying "Go ahead, feel great!" So, I am!

I am starting to get a little grip financially, as I've anticipated I would for the past six months. Plus, I have a couple little bumps coming that will help me get through Christmas. I have my longetivity bonus, plus I am selling back some of my vacation time (I still have more than enough on the books). Woo hoo! Makes me feel good!

My family is behaving relatively functionally (as opposed to all the standard dysfunctions). All are on, as I say, relatively good behavior. This makes me feel relieved.

I got to see The Activist, not once, but twice, last week. That was nice. It was fun to talk to him. He's a bit of an odd bird, but I guess that is kinda my thing. Will I see him again anytime soon? Probably not, but it was still nice to see him. I feel positive and peaceful about this.

I met another man on a different personals site. It is called Plenty of Fish. I am not all over the internet, I promise. Just two sites. Anyway, PoF is nice, because it is a huge free site, so you can potentially meet a lot of people. The problem for me is that so far most of them have not been even remotely my type. There are lots of people on there who seem barely able to put together a sentence. I try and realize that not everyone spends a great deal of their time writing, as I do, but still...there are things I just can't forgive. Also, a disproportinate number of these men seem to be very into their Harleys and outdoor sports in general. Me, not so much. I was about to delete my profile because I was tired of awkwardly ignoring random IM's when I logged onto the site...but then... well, lets just say hope springs eternal for a wacky optimist like me. I started talking to someone who wrote beautifully. Let's call him The Guy. We spoke on the phone for a couple of hours and it was...oh, very nice. An extremely good phone call. I can't wait to meet The Guy face-to-face...once again, being the wacky optimist.

So, today, a Monday, I am happy and quite willing to appreciate this much maligned day. You can tell by the lengths of my paragraphs/points what was really on my mind. I am always tranparent like that. But if not here, where? Right? I hope you are all having a Happy Monday too :-)


Tara said...

Reading this post makes me appreciate Monday more. I'm so glad that things are moving in the right direction for you. I've heard of that "Plenty of Fish" website and I totally understand about needing someone to write clearly instead of having to struggle through their eccentric typing skills. I was turned off by a guy who would say, "I B seeing u!" It was almost like babytalk, and I finally told him, "Please stop doing that." Then he said "Oh sorry, I B sorry." Hm.

Churlita said...

That's so exciting. I wish I could get my finances together better. Maybe after the holidays when I'm not spending so much on the girls' activities and their dental work and stuff to correct some weird arch problem in their feet...

You should get on as many sites as you can, especially if they're free. I always think that there probably are guys in my town who I could actually date, but they're probably at home reading books so I'll never find them.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post! I think you may be onto a winner here! *Fingers crossed* Also, I love your attitude to it all. You are being cautious and optamistic and I thnk that is the best attitude to take.
I know it's Tueday (actually it's not far from Wednesday here) but I hope all your Mondays are as good as this Monday (or that Monday!)
Loved the pic too!

Anonymous said...

ooooh and my boy is 18 tomorrow! I am so proud and feel so good. (Not sure why as it surely just means I am getting old!) My daughter bought him a card with a badge on that says, "Buy me a drink I'm 18" :o)
(Just wanted to share)

MrManuel said...

Ya know, I don't really mind Mondays. I think working from home has something to do with that.

Oh, I am back...

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Happy MOnday.. A day late.. I'm glad you haven't given up in the love dept.. it's never too late to find that special guy.. Can't wait to hear more about this mysterious Guy....

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! I know that typing like that doesn't actually mean someone is stupid or has the mind of a 12 year old...but I just can't get past it! i b sorry...geez!

Churlita: I feel like I haven't found the exact right site yet...or maybe it is just me.
Boy, it is pure luck that none of mine have needed orthodontia or othopedics! Another thing to put on the happy list.

Daffy: It makes the most sense to me...hopeful, but very cautious. And in that frame of mind, I will hope for, but not expect, more Happy Mondays :-)
And Happy 18th to your son! What a milestone. It only means you are one of those moms everyone tells they couldn't possibly have a nearly grown must have been a child yourself when you had him!

MrManuel: Hi! Yay! I'm happy to see you :-)
And yep, I bet I'd have a better attitude when the week started if I greeted it from the comfort of my own home. Nice perk.

Mrs: Never to late to wish someone a Happy Monday...they just keep coming around. I will happily share more about The Guy if there is ever anything to share. You know me and my big mouth.