Thursday, January 24, 2008

Notes On What Happens When Boredom Strikes

Me (after various other even less interesting note rambles): The eyes frighten me because I always feel like somebody's watching me! And Maxwell. They are judging me too. They are thinking I should not be writing notes during this very important Web 2.0 event. I should be thinking about podcasts and Youtube.

Milly: I am the eye-pod in the sky...looking at you-hoo-hoo I can read your mind. ^^^^Look up!

Me: Your mind is dark and twisty. The eye-pods in the sky are noticing who is attending to the survey monkey talk and who is drifter-ing. Hey, where is Drifter anyway?

Milly: Maybe it wasn't mandatory to attend. Maybe she is part African-American. Hey, I believe in the Civil Rights Movement.

Me: We shouldn't have to be here! I think our rights are being violated!

Milly: I know. Unfair. We get no respect.

Me: I will make a youtube video demanding respect. I will post it on the library blog page and offer an RSS feed. I will sing it like Aretha. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.

Milly: Make a strong, respected women's network.

Me: On Ning

Milly: Of course. IM I said. IM I cried.

Me: I (heart) your Neil (diamond) Now all we need is a club and spade! I can't draw, so sad.

Milly: Full house! I can't either.

Me: Full House - Bob Saget and John Stamos (heart) to (club) baby seals. Sam (spade) works in an African (diamond) mine. No respect. That is why Rebecca Romjain is no longer a Stamos!
Oh! SF wants to be a penguin! She will eat fish!

Milly: O-some. I will be a little bear and also eat fish.

Me: I will be a big bear and also eat fish! Fish pizza. With honey. Then I will hibernate and not poop.

Milly: When you wake up, what will happen?

Me: I will poop in the woods like all good bears do.

Milly: If no one steps in it, did you really do it?

Me: If no one smelt it, then who dealt it?
I would link to my already created pages for this project, but that would make me look psychotic.

I am so sorry for this, but as I mentioned to AlienCG, it was this or a weather report...

Did I make the wrong choice?


evil-e said...

he he, you said you will poop...

Works for me. That is a pretty interesting exchange.

AlienCG said...

Ah, the things that go through people's minds when they are in a meeting. I remember those days well, but now I don't have meeting to attend unless it's a major technical problem.

Excellent choice, you have chosen...


Churlita said...

I loved it. I followed the whole thing. I wish I had someone to dork out with during work meetings.

Tara said...

I actually sang along to Milly's "Eye-pod in the sky" line after I realized it sounded like an 80s song.

Viki said...

Were you bored?

coolingstar9 said...

I am coolingstar9, i come to your blog site by chance. Today, i feel really boring and i just surf the internet and i simply type ' life is boring'
I am lucky to come to your site and i find that i no longer boring now.
I hope i can continue to write blogs.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: haha! And if not interesting, at least somewhat revealing.

AlienCG: I'm pleased you recognized the insanity of my choice. Keeps me humble :-)

Churlita: My workplace would be very different without Milly. I bet you write hilarious notes at boring meetings!

Tara: That's right! Thank the Alan Parsons Project for that one...

Viki: Oh, does it show? haha! Very, very bored.

coolingstar9: Glad you found me! Please feel free to stop back by anytime.