Friday, June 22, 2007

My Mood Music

Taking a page from Evil-E at Random Crap, AlienCG at Alien's World, and Tara at Eclectic Spaghetti, I am posting a little list of some CDs that I might turn to when a certain mood strikes.

Happy Mood Music:
B-52’s Time Capsule: Songs for a Future Generation

Sad Mood Music:
Beck’s Sea Change

Angry Mood Music:
System of a Down’s Toxicity

Romantic Mood Music:
Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me

Mysterious Mood Music:
Steely Dan’s Gaucho

A Little Bit of Everything Music:
Beatles’ The White Album

What's fits your mood?


MrManuel said...

Toxicity! Nice...

Tara said...

Oh I LOVE the B-52s!! And I was trying to look up Paul McCartney's newest songs on Myspace, and he's not even on there! Thankfully, The Beatles are on there, but still. Very frustrating.

evil-e said...

The B52s were always an interesting band. I liked the early ska stuff they did before they got kind of big.

I met System of a Down, interesting guys. I like Toxicity but not as much as the self titles first album.

Beck is always one of those just obscure enough to be cool artists.

I did not realize I was going to start something by this the other night, but cool, thanks for posting your list.

AlienCG said...

Good list. I own a few of these albums. Thanks for participating.

Babybull40 said...

mischievious mood: Shaggy

Party Mood: Bon Jovi, U2, Simply Red and a bunch of others

sad music: A couple of Eagles songs.. Desperado.. and one other one I can't think of now..

Wahtever Mood: Pink Floyd or Queen

Churlita said...

Nice list. I love seeing what other people listen to.

minijonb said...

i've always called Sea Change the "Beck is Bummed" album. and now i need to go get that B-52's comp. thanks for the list!

l.b. said...

MrManuel: Yes, it is!

Tara: You know how those Beatles like to make it hard to get to their music online. For Sir Paul you gotta work a little, or at least go to Starbucks, to catch his tunes :-)

Evil-E: Glad a metal guy such as yourself can find a thing or two to enjoy on my list.
It was an excellent posting that I could not resist.

AlienCG: Thank you for getting us going! It was fun.

BabyBull: Ooohh, I love Queen and Pink Floyd is classic.

Churlita: Thanks! I like seeing what people are listening too also.

MiniJonB: Beck is bummed! Exactly! And yes, that B-52's is great to have when you want to hear your favorites all together.