Monday, June 4, 2007

My Mind is a Vast Wasteland

I wanted to post today, but my brain is feeling flabby or something. So, I go to my old standby, Taradays, and note that today is Dried Food Day. I had already commented there that I ate some of that bowl of noodle soups on Saturday and that dried food is pretty cool and scientists should spend some time perfecting movie effect dried foods. So, what else could I say about dried foods? I Googled "dried foods" and I found this interesting article about an unusual way of reconstituting dried foods for people in perilous conditions. So, that was quite a thinker... After pondering that for a bit, my mind went to freeze dried coffee, like Folger's crystals, right? Instant coffee. I have a small container on hand in case I ever have a coffee emergency, but mostly I use my standard drip coffee maker...or well, I used to. Now, truthfully, I mostly stop at Circle K or 7-11 on my way to work and lay down $1.49 for 24 ounces of pleasure. Seems like a bargain. Still, I don't think even coffee would help my brain right now. I can almost see the tumbleweeds and hear the whistle of the lonely wind.


evil-e said...

I think I will pass on the "just add water-sports" food. Yikes.

I have never been a fan of instant coffee. The only time it can be useful is when someone makes weak coffee and you add the stuff to it to strengthen it up a bit. I used to do it at my one job. The coffee was horrible. I added Folger's Crystals to it for some kick.

Tara said...

Love the new headshot! That little blue guy is so cute! Or am I hallucinating? :D

I was very tempted to reheat and drink a cup of the sludge-coffee left from this morning, but I had sleeping problems last night and don't intend on repeating that tonight. So I'll resist temptation for now.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: It had actually never occured to me to use instant coffee as a boost for other people's weak brews! Duh! Thanks for the tip.

Tara: Thanks! You may be hallucinating, but not about the new me :-)
For some reason, although coffee does seem to get me going in the morning it doesn't seem to keep me up at night. I can drink it anytime with impunity. I hope you slept better last night...