Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Boys Can Dance

This morning I went to the Dance Festival at Handsome Lad's school. I've been attending these things for the past...uh...geez, 16 years. If you have boys these dance festivals may be your only chance to see your sons dance. Not to stereotype or anything, but I have five kids and only one of them ever wanted dance lessons. Anyway, it was fun. Since he is in 4th grade, he performed a square dance. Next year, if everything stays as it has for forever, he will be doing a line dance. Then, no more dance festivals for me :-(
Bonus, I got to see the little twins from Cheaper by the Dozen and Desperate Housewives do a 50's dance with the other 3rd graders. Yes, even movie and television stars attend public schools - haha! And I found it sweet that they looked just as sheepish dancing as most of the other kids did...


evil-e said...

The stereotype is true, boys don't dance. Especially soul-less white boys like me. I cannot, I will not, I should not dance.

"Sweet fancy Moses"

Tara said...

The only guys I've seen dance like nobody was watching were the ones I used to work with at an insurance company, and that's cuz they were drunk. Heh. The guys at work who dance at the Christmas parties are married, and they're doing some ballroom dancing. Kinda neat to see that, though.

I miss line dancing. It takes me awhile to remember the steps, but once a bunch of us get together to do it, we have such a great time.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: haha! I am a pretty "sweet fancy Moses" dancer myself :-)

Tara: It is fun watching drunk people dance. They are so into it!
I like line dancing too. It is so fun and even I can manage it.