Wednesday, March 21, 2007

World Poetry Day

Since today is World Poetry Day, officially and all, I thought I would celebrate by doing a little writing. You know I love poetry, although I have sort of let my haikus go. Maybe I will take them up again. Deal with that threat! Okay, anyway, my poem is inspired by a recent staff meeting.

In the Conference Room

In the Conference Room we gather
Coffee cups in hand
The more organized among us
Bring pencils and pads
But most of us know
That will just make it harder
To peel a banana or destroy a donut

In the Conference Room we gather
The Director speaks first
She is quiet and humorous
But her word will be law
Each Assistant Director speaks
They are equals on the flow chart
But any fool can see who rules

In the Conference Room we gather
Let us go around the table
Gleaning knowlege from one another
Will it be about work?
Mostly no
But some people do take
Some mighty fine vacations

In the Conference Room we gather
Eyes on our watches always
Must she ask another question?
Did he have to bring that up?
Will this meeting ever end?
Finally it does
And we are released for another week

I guess that would be called very free verse...only very loosely poetry. But hey, turning one of those meetings into poetry of any sort was a challenge! I know some of you write poetry too. Lay it on us.


Evil-E said...

One day.....

Nice poem--kind of a cross between "Office Space" and Keats. Not an easy task. You pulled it off nicely. Well done.

Babybull40 said...

well done.. good poem.. Yeah I write some stuff every so often when feeling inspired.. usually by life events..

Tara said...

I once wrote a poem for my college poetry class based on what thoughts went through me during those years. I was very insecure, especially when first sitting down in a classroom. The professor really liked it. Maybe I'll prepost it today.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: Thanks! Those a pretty good things to be a cross of!

BabyBull: I have seen your awesome poetry. I love stories and poems that are sort of reality based with a twist :-)

Tara: Thanks for posting your poem. I think it is really, really good.