Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gemco: Where Babies Come From!

Sometimes when I get all Talking Heads and start asking myself, “How did I get here?” I simply cast my mind back to my days at Gemco and it all begins to make sense. I worked at Gemco from 1981, until it went out of business in early 1987. Gemco was one of those large discount stores, like K-Mart or Wal-Mart, sort of…a little nicer I think. Anyway, it seems like all the young people working there were bound and determined to either get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. Nothing struck me as unusual at the time, but looking back I am somewhat astonished. The year I became pregnant with my oldest son there must have been at least five other girls in various stages of pregnancy. On the other side, there were at least as many young men who were also starting a family. All of us relatively young and only a couple in really, truly stable relationships. Was it contagious? Subconsciously, did the idea somehow spread amongst us? We certainly weren’t making the big bucks at Gemco. There was nothing in any of our lives to suggest that this would be a great time to bring on da baby. Nothing to suggest that when my oldest son was five months old, I’d think – hey, why not another while we’re at it! So, I guess when I say it begins to make sense, it actually doesn’t.
Let this be a lesson to your youngsters out there. If you work in an environment where all the kids are doin’ it, just say no :-)


evil-e said...

Either just say no, or don't drink the water. Something around the place was causing this to "spread" like wildfire.

l.b. said...

haha! Yes, the water theory had definitely been considered.