Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Been a Long Day. Watch for Short Sentences.

I always struggle for a day or two after the time changes in either direction. Today has been a long one though. I count on my quiet-ish mornings when I don't come into work until noon. This morning though, I was babysitting Miss Personality. She is the cutest little sweetie ever, but she is two! She has way more energy and way more interest in all of the most mundane things around the house :-) So, I got to work and it has just been insanely busy today for some reason. Possibly people are coming in out of the heat. Yesterday and today brought temperatures in the 90's. Talk about global warming...
I did have a relaxing Sunday, though and I know I will hit my stride for the week eventually. It is all about the little things, right? I had Tivo'd Shopgirl, which I have seen before but wanted to see again. I had to watch it in bits and pieces, because I kept getting interrupted. Still, I enjoyed it. I hope they make a movie version of The Pleasure of My Company. I'd go see it.
Wow, it is 8:30...only another half hour until I am out of here. I hope the house is in a quiet mood and that everyone is ready to turn in early. I know I am.


Tara said...

I don't think I got much sleep last night. Things kept running through my head and I couldn't shut them off. So I'm tired, but I'll be okay.

My coworker's daughter takes an interest in every little thing as well, and she's four. She asks me twenty-two questions whenever she visits my office.

Rachel said...

I slept pretty good but I had turned my heat down to 65 at night and it was pretty cold this morning and I didn't want to get out of bed.

evil-e said...

We finally hit the 60's around here, woooooo!!! The sleeping weather is good, my sleeping itself, is bad. I have been exhausted. Glad to see you back out here posting again, it has been a while.

l.b. said...

Tara: I am a good sleeper no matter what the weather. I do stay up too late though.
Kids are great, but they require so much attention! It can be exhausting!

Rachel: I have to get up quickly when it is that time. If I roll over and say just another minute, I am a goner.

Evil-E: Good to be here! I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately by work and home tasks. This too shall pass.