Friday, February 2, 2007

Who is Team C?

If you read my blog, you will come across the occasional reference to Team C. He just pops up randomly now and again as someone I had a long lunch with, generally. So, who is he and what is he to me? He is, in simple terms, a friend with benefits. Now, don't go thinking "l.b., you are such a ho!" I am a nice girl, really. However, I am a nice girl with a homelife that makes it supremely difficult to actually date in a traditional way. It would just be too hard and weird at this point. Still, I am a grown woman...I've done my time, you know? I am not quite ready to enter the convent or anything, so I have worked out this sort of compromise for myself. I get to have a couple hours of fun and comfort every once in a while without disrupting the household, the job, the anything.
I've known Team C for about two and a half years, and while there may be an element of us using each other, there is also understanding and trust between us.
So, I saw Team C today and anyone who wants a favor should ask now while I am in a good mood! Booya.


evil-e said...

Ahhh, thanks for answering my question. No further explanation or justification necessary. I have had more than my share of friends with benefits, I once even thought of creating a "Franken-girlfriend" because GirlA was fun to go out with, GirlB was the "take-her-anywhere girl", GirlC had talents and powers, GirlD liked to hang out in the kitchen and do the coffee/conversation thing. I just could not pick one that shared at least 3 of the qualifiers.

PS, not quite back up to speed over at the crap.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: I love the Franken-girlfriend idea! And it goes so well with your Evil-E persona...
I could at least look at Crap today and post a comment about my favorite killers :-)

Tara said...

Right, may I have 500 bucks please? ;)

Actually thank you for the post! I do recall his name being peppered in different posts and I wondered who he was. Sounds like a fun relationship!

l.b. said...

Thanks Tara. It actually is a fun relationship. I appreciate having a friendship that is very uncomplicated.