Monday, February 12, 2007


This girl I used to know said "Hiawatha!" when she was aggravated by someting. I had a rather aggravating day yesterday so - Hiawatha! I was supposed to go out to brunch with a couple of friends...a little ladies Sunday brunch. However at the last possible moment WTG said that he had plans and I would need to take Handsome Lad with me. None of the alternatives I suggested would do. Well, okay...but then, when Girlie Girl heard Handsome Lad was going she wanted to go as well, and why wouldn't she? It was clearly no longer and adults only event. I wouldn't have minded taking the kids so much, but it did feel unfair for me to show up with half my family in tow when my friends were expecting a nice dishy brunch. So, I ended up cancelling on them. They understood, as everyone is used to me flaking out at the last minute. I ended up just taking the kids and Kick Back Dude and his family out for lunch. It was nice, but just not what I'd had in mind. My mantra is "You brought this on yourself and now you have to deal with it." I say it to myself over and over, because it puts the blame for everything squarely on me, which helps me feel more in control for some reason. My goal is to make my way out of the swamp of my own bad decisions. Like the AA people say - one day at a time.


evil-e said...

I have no comment for this, I do not know the experience of children. Oh well, you made the best out of the situation and your friends understood.

Babybull40 said...

friends tend to be more understanding when you have children..I really have no social life... As the saying goes.. "Shit Happens". lol.. I'm glad it sort of worked out..

minijonb said...

Hiawatha! Karma will find WTG for this transgression... and I've heard that Karma is a bitch!

l.b. said...

Evil-E: All you need to know about kids in this particular case is that other people don't tend to find your own as charming as you do.

BabyBull: Yes, kids can definitely preclude having much of a social life. I guess I just chomp at the bit sometimes because I have been a mom for 21 years and I managed to spread them out just enough to keep me in continual mommy mode.

MiniJonB: I have tried to make a friend of Karma. I count on her a lot to right the wrongs :-)