Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts, Flowers, Candy...

It is that special day again. Valentine's Day is known far and wide as a pretty bogus Hallmark holiday. Some women use this day as a sort of barometer for their whole relationship. If the man in their life doesn't give the right gift, they are surely doomed. I've never felt that way, but still I can't help but have a special place in my heart for Valentine's Day. Forty-four years ago, on a Valentine's Day in Phoenix, Arizona I came into the world butt first. Once you become an adult, your birthday becomes a much smaller deal, as it should. It is still very gratifying to be remembered on the one "holiday" that is yours alone. It made me feel good that all five of my kids remembered that it is my birthday. It seems little enough to ask, right? But it is a alot in some ways, because kids are busy and tend to be rather self centered. So, when something about someone else enters their peripheral vision I can't help but be pleased. None of the so called "men" in my life are acknowledging today. WTG isn't talking to me right now and I'm actually very cool with that. The Swordsman responded back to my Happy Valentine's card, but didn't remember my birthday. No word from Team C, quel surprise. I did get a birthday card from Gerard last week and a Valentine today asking how my birthday he was in the ballpark at least. I guess I shouldn't be keeping track like this or even worrying about who pays proper homage to me...its rather pathetic, isn't it? Ah well. I did get a gorgeous cake and lovely wishes over at Tara's. That really was a day brightener. Also the people in my dept at work have been very nice and I am expecting to eat chocolate cake at our staff meeting in about 90 minutes. Unfortunately, my best friend Millocent was at jury duty today and not available to enjoy a festive lunch and dance party with me. I treated myself to a nice Subway sandwich though. And I listened to the dance music mix that Milly gave me on Monday. She titled it "Studio 44" and has some current music that has to do with Arctic Monkeys "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor" and Kings of Convenience "I'd Rather Dance with You"...but most of it is very disco era. Lots of fun...I had never stopped to realize how pervasive disco was during my high school years.
So anyway...Hearts, flowers, and candy. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


evil-e said...

Again, happy birthday. Hopefully, the day goes good for you. Some of us remembered one way or another.

Hey, all of us here in the midwest got about a foot or more of snow and windchills in the minus teens for Val's Day..that mother nature really knows how to throw a party.

minijonb said...

Happy b-day indeed.

That Arctic Monkeys song rocks the house. It pops into my head several times a day when I'm in a good mood.

Viki said...

Happy Birthday!

Live everyday as it is your birthday!
Trust me - it rocks!

Librarian X said...

Did you happen to see a 3-eyed robot with a shopping bag and guitar roll by? Do not fear, he only wants to wish you a happy birthday!

Babybull40 said...

Many Happy days and many happy returns indeed.. If your kids remembered that is one for the books.. And you rock. I'm not really familiar with those songs.. but then again I didn't really do the disco scene growing up.. Well Happy Valentines Day/Happy Birthday.. enjoy and eat lots of Chocolate...

l.b. said...

Evil-E: Thanks for the good wishes. Believe me, I do appreciate my 'in the computer' friends.
I can't even imagine that weather. It was nice enough for me to have lunch outside.

MiniJonB: Thank you! It is a great song, isn't it?

Viki: That sounds like really good philosophy. Thanks :-)

Librarian X: I saw that robot and he has joined the circus. I see that my fondest wishes or the bluest fishes are in his shopping bag.

Babybull: Thank you so much, Babybull! I am planning to continue my chocolate eating for the next couple of days, at least ;-)
You know, I hadn't really ever felt very disco-y back in the day, but those songs were apparently everywhere, because now when I hear them I know them all.