Thursday, February 1, 2007

I Officially Suck

I was just looking at my blog and suddenly the dates struck me...I realized that yesterday was my dad's birthday and I so did not call him. I didn't send him a card, I didn't do anything!
A 'day after your birthday' phone call won't feel quite so special, I am sure, but probably better than nothing, right?
Yikes I feel so bad now! But I am going to hold on the the more positive feelings I had only moments ago and persever!


evil-e said...

Well a belated happy birthday to the lb papa-bear. You remembered, just a little late...that's all.

Tara said...

Happy belated to your dad! At least it hit you, and one day's delay is better than not acknowledging it at all, or it hitting you several weeks after the birthday.

Two of my friends remembered a week after my birthday and sent me a blog comment saying "Oh we were out of town on that day! Too bad! Hope it was a good one!" I felt totally loved....after a week and after that warm acknowledgement.

l.b. said...

You guys are very kind and reassuring. I called him last night and he was very nice about it. We had a little laugh about what an airhead I can be.