Monday, December 4, 2006


One more thing. No, two.

1. Today is Team C's birthday. I sent him an ecard, but he hasn't viewed it yet. I called him, but got voicemail. At least I tried.

2. Full moon tonight. Watch out for werewolves.

That is all.


Tara said...

I love when there's a full moon. Very mysterious and stunning.

Happy Birthday to Team C! I hope he responds soon! Either way it was the gesture that counts!

esb138 said...

Full moons are cool, especially when it is cold out.

Happy birthday Team C.

l.b. said...

Team C is on my $h*t list for the time being...
The full moon however, has stayed on my good side :-)

Rachel said...

I know this is a day later, but I got up this morning to take D to school and when we walked outside there are these HUGE paw prints all around my house. I seriously do not know what it is from.
I told Devon that it was the reindeer checking to make sure that we still lived here.
I wonder if he believed me.
I seriously think this will be the last year that he believes in Santa. He has been asking questions.

l.b. said...

See, I told you! The beasties are out under that big old moon :-)
It is heartbreaking when your kids start asking questions about those magical kid things.