Thursday, December 14, 2006

And the Parties Continue

This morning we had the Holiday Breakfast party for library staff. This is not the big city party, you see, it is for the library. Uh huh. Anyway, there was a new caterer this year and they didn't do an omelette bar. That was the whole point of the breakfast for me, so I was quite disappointed by the pan of souffle they set out, alongside some fruit salad and croissants. Oh, the troubles I have seen! haha!
Oh well, in addition to breakfast we also do a cheapie gift exchange. We play that game where you get to choose a present, then the next person can take what you opened away from you or choose a new, unopened present and so on. When it was my turn I took a Target gift card away from a co-worker...but then someone else took it from me. Gift cards and cash are the hardest things to hold on to. Then I ended up with an electronic sudoku game. Not a huge fan and although I gave it hard thought I couldn't think of anyone to regift to. Drat. Luckily though, the museum curator needed a gift for a cousin, said she'd love it, and traded me her two packs of nice Gevalia coffee for it. Yay! In case you were curious, what I brought was a Starbucks gift card and I assure you, it was quite the belle of the ball ;-)
Tomorrow is my Friday off work and unfortunately I have big shopping plans. I get my check today, so I am determined that after tomorrow I will be completely done with my Christmas shopping for another glorious year. Wish me luck.


evil-e said...

Way to go Even-Steven on the exchange game. Bring coffee(related)-get coffee.

Enjoy the day off, I have one too.

l.b. said...

I love the Even-Steven! And coffee is always, always a good thing. Hope you had a nice Friday off!