Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Self- Control Anyone?

Where is mine? I just can't seem to get on board with the self-control thing. Damn. I seem to keep doing things that would suggest I should just get hold of myself, but instead I do what I want to do right at the moment. Not the grown-up thing to do. I kind of justify myself to myself in my head by saying that there are many constraints on the way I can live my life, so I should be allowed to do the small things that bring me pleasure. That isn't true, though. Having limitations doesn't free you from having to abide by OTHER limitations! Also, please recognize that I recognize that mea cupla-ing it up in here doesn't excuse me either! Will I get a grip? Honestly, probably not at this exact point in time. Someday...maybe. Introspection sort of sucks. I should stay shallow.

Reading: Thumbsucker
Listening to: The Ditty Bops
Eating: Peanutbutter crackers and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
Drinking: Starbucks bottled Mocha Frappuchino
Feeling: Tired and stuffy headed

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