Monday, September 12, 2005


A quickie can be fun. This one promises to be just as uninspired as my longer entries though. Just wanted to stop in and show my face, so to speak. Sunday ended up being a quiet day, but I am still feeling at bit dragged out. My littlest son just called through the front desk and told Smiley, who answered the phone, that he was my husband. Made me laugh. That little Oedipus. Ha! No, he just thought it might help him get through more effectively I think. Smiley found it funny too....and all he ended up wanting to ask waw whether I would give him ice cream money tomorrow. I hope my next husband asks me nice questions like that :-) haha! Argh, my mind is turning to mush. Too much telly and not enough reading...I'm just too tired and distracted. I'll be back in form soon, I hope.

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