Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blogging is All About the Secrets

Someone shared a link with me today to a really cool blog. By all means, check it out for yourself. http://postsecret.blogspot.com So many people's secrets could be my own...our secrets are universal to some degree. And if your secret is not so universal, then lets face it, it is probably quite horrible, right?

Been a busy day here in the Land of Fun & Learning. Two peeps out sick, so lay it on the healthy ones so hard that they won't be healthy for long! haha! Neh, its cool. People get sick, whatever. I personally find that I get more rest here than if I try to stay home. No pity to be found there :-)

My happy news is that I am once again up for a Secret Mission tomorrow. It has been far too long since the last meeting of Team C, so there will be plenty of catching up to do and not much time in which to fit in all that needs to be accomplished. Lets see how it goes.

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