Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Quick and The Dead

This is going to be quick (yes, that is emerging as a pattern) and I am feeling dead (well, at least half). Been busy with the usual work stuff, preparing for the fall storytime sessions. This evening was my first time, and it went fine. The first ones are always somewhat confusing as new kids get used to the routines, but they quickly shape up :-) Aside from work, I have been, on the recommendation of a couple of friends, checking out the wonder that is Craigslist. Interesting place. As for reading, can't seem to get off the magazines as of late. That seems okay though, given how much I usually read, right? Yeah, right. I am about ready to head for home, so I'll write again tomorrow. Possibly in more depth? We'll see, won't we. xo

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